Marketing and Renewal 



Providence Benefit Solutions specializes in evaluating, recommending, and negotiating with insurers and providers. Our position in the marketplace affords us the leverage to deliver the most competitive proposals for our clients. 

We believe that renewals are more than stating your new rate and "shopping the market." Rather, we commit to a year-round process which builds on an ongoing series of evaluation and communication. These stages continue throughout a 12-month period and support our strategic, three-to-five-year plan. 


Stages of a Properly Monitored Renewal 

  • Review and communicate claims data throughout the year 
  • Gather information 
  • Develop RFP specifications 
  • Negotiate with competing carriers and vendors 
  • Communicate with you 
  • Make recommendations 
  • Choose carriers with superior services, plans, and cost 
  • Deliver and implement 
  • Reevaluate our three-to-five-year plan annually