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Health and Wealth Program

Our H&W program is designed to provide wellness activities and offer supplemental insurance benefits without impacting your employees’ take-home pay.


Help your workers save on healthcare-related costs in unique ways

At Providence Benefit Solutions, we believe that employee well-being is a journey that should be enjoyable and rewarding. Our Health and Wealth Program, in collaboration with enhancedcareMD, lets your employees actively participate in wellness activities, earn qualifying points, and purchase supplemental insurance plans—all without any impact on their net pay.


Why the H&W Program?

Our program is designed to create an individualized benefit bank so your employees can get ancillary insurance products without reducing their take-home pay. Here are the supplemental plan options available:


How to participate and earn qualifying points?

Your employees are provided with a Health and Wealth Dashboard with wellness activities and services. By completing activities and/or using the services, they earn qualifying points that can be redeemed for Ancillary Insurance products. There’s something for everyone to participate in—from doing a health assessment and taking a short video health course to working with a health coach via phone calls or email and using telemedicine services.

Employees only need to earn 400 points per supplemental plan per year, approximately four activities/services, to be eligible. On average, this 400-point commitment can be finished within 2 hours total.


The Wellness Mobile App

Our wellness app makes it easy for your employees to earn 400 qualifying points annually and be eligible for new insurance coverage options.

“Without utilizing my Benefit Allowance bank, I would have waived the insurance products I was able to choose during open enrollment. I feel better knowing my family, and my life, is protected.”



Comprehensive Wellness Support

Our H&W Program provides new coverage options for your employees with no reduction to their pay.


Talent Attraction and Retention

With our unique program, you can create a much more robust benefits package that retains talents longer.


Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

You can leverage our program as a way to show your care for your employees, increasing a positive culture.


Bigger Company Savings

This one-of-a-kind solution lets you get FICA savings for every employee in the program.

Transform your workplace into a fun, healthy environment.

We pride ourselves on offering fresh and innovative solutions to meet the needs of growing businesses. Our unique Health & Wealth program sets us apart from our competitors and provides a valuable wellness experience for your workforce.