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Group Dental Insurance

Group dental insurance plans cover a broad range of dental services, including cleaning, routine checkups, x-ray work, and minor procedures.

We design dental insurance plans that align with your business goals.

Did you know that second to health insurance, dental insurance is the most desired employee benefit? Providence Benefit Solutions strives to help businesses provide quality dental coverage to their employees. When you partner with us for group dental insurance, you can expect personalized service and expert guidance—from enrollment to claims.

Our team specializes in finding the right combination of coverage, price, and quality. Whether you need a basic plan or a comprehensive one, we have the flexibility to tailor the coverage to meet your business’ unique requirements.

Typically, a group dental insurance plan helps pay for:

Dental Insurance

We have established relationships with a vast network of carriers, ensuring your employees get easy access to different dentists and specialists.

Improve Productivity

By providing dental coverage, you enable employees to address dental issues promptly and experience fewer dental-related absences.

Attract and Retain Talents

Offering dental insurance as part of your employee benefits package can help attract top talent to your organization and retain skilled employees.

Save Money

By promoting preventive oral health care, dental insurance plans can contribute to long-term cost savings for both you and your employers.