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About Us

Providence Benefit Solutions is an independent brokerage that has been simplifying employee benefits and HR complexities since 2017.


Your trusted ally in all things employee benefits

At Providence Benefit Solutions, we provide our clients with focused solutions derived from their business and industry needs. With our brokerage’s keen knowledge and long-term expertise in employee benefits, we build solid and long-lasting relationships with businesses.

These relationships are based on integrity and trust, allowing us to provide our clients with the best solutions with their best interests in mind. We understand that client partners are seeking programs tailored to fit their specific culture as it relates to the employees’ industry and size.

Tailored Solutions

Benefits Education


We were created to work with a variety of different-size employer group

For us at Providence Benefit Solutions, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to planning. Our approach requires not only careful planning but also a long-term perspective.

Through collaboration, we gain a deeper understanding of your priorities. This creates a forward-thinking strategy that is scoped, scaled, and tailored to meet your unique needs. By taking this approach, your plan will adapt to both evolving regulations and your workforce. Each plan is designed to manage costs, ensure regulatory compliance, and increase job satisfaction.


The Providence Vision

The vision at Providence Benefit Solutions is to creatively balance the complexities of getting the most robust benefits while simultaneously being as cost-effective as possible. We create an environment where our clients are proud of the benefits they offer their employees and have employees who have been taught how to maximize the benefits available to them. Employees who understand and utilize their benefits properly often create less turnover. Further, an employee base who uses their plans properly makes the lowest impact during future re-quoting.


The Providence Mission

Our mission is to get to know the clients and their employees as best we can. This helps us utilize multiple creative quoting solutions with several carriers to get the absolute best rates we can. We also individualize informative materials to help facilitate our one-on-one new hire and open enrollment meetings, which maximize educational opportunities with the employees. These one-on-one meetings are a tangible example of how hard we work for not only each client we have but also each of their employees and their dependents.


We promise personal relationships with profound professionalism


We pride ourselves on the exceptional personalized service we provide to our clients and their employees. We take an education-first approach with our employees, preparing them with the knowledge needed to use the company's benefit package with purpose and intentionality.


When possible, we sit face to face with employees at both Open Enrollment and during monthly new hire meetings to fully educate the lines of coverage offered to them. We highlight the company's contributions and offerings to strengthen employee satisfaction.


On the client side, we find creative ways to manage renewals, develop strategic marketing solutions, and create reasonable and affordable contributions, all while prioritizing the company's financial needs. We have many ways to save money through the different programs we offer.


We promise to provide personal relationships with profound professionalism. You will be able to speak with our team members directly regarding any issues, including claims, coverage information, company new hires, etc. You can count on us to handle your group with personalized care.